We will help you target the correct visitors interested in your products and service

Optimizing you website for the wrong keywords it will be a waste of time. It’s important to target the correct keywords in order to attract the correct visitors interested in your products and services in order to eventually convert into sales!

Keyword selection is what any search engine optimization project starts with. It is very crucial to start off with keyword research. Even for a new website before the content is being written for each of the pages.

It is important for a site to appear among the first search results for the terms most relevantly reflecting its type of business. We utilize many parameters and ways to estimate the potential of every keyword / key phrase important for your site.

We figure out the strategic keywords you want to start off with. Then we conduct a preliminary keyword research and if necessary we select or change the domain name and the names of the pages of a site according to the obtained results.

With the data obtained we perform an even deeper and advanced keyword research and complete the list of keywords to use for optimization on each page. Also Keyword effectiveness assessment will guarantee to bring traffic to every page of your site.