It’s important that a website is structured correctly to boost our seo efforts

It’s not only about putting a few keywords here and there on your website! It’s very important that the whole structure of the site is search engine optimized to product the best results!

When an Internet user searches for a particular keyword or a key phrase, search engine uses its unique search engine algorithm to find appropriate websites. Different search engines use different algorithms to find websites and these algorithms focus on different optimization factors. This information is stored in search engine's database and used when a search is performed.

A webpage is divided into many different elements including HTML tags, text, images, animation and other objects, internal and external links and others. All these website elements are read differently by search engines.

On-site optimization includes tuning your pages , domain name, file names, keyword reputation, keyword weight, keyword frequency, keyword proximity, HTML elements that matter, navigation and menus, CSS for optimization, site structure, site map, detecting and fixing site visibility and usability problems, testing and improving quality, minimizing graphic-heavy sites, minimizing flash content, frameset pages, converting dynamic URLs to static and many endless factors that combined together make a lot of difference.