Our Approach : Every project we undertake follows a dynamic series of steps to ensure its successful completion.

Our experience in undertaking search engine optimization, developing websites and web applications has led us to develop an in-house approach. Every project we undertake follows a dynamic series of steps to ensure its successful completion. Our approach helps fulfill the client's requirements in terms of quality, budget and time constraints.


A successful project begins by discovering and defining its objectives. We always start a project with the end result in mind. This makes sure we set out to go is where you want us to end up. There are many questions to consider at the beginning however we listen what you want to say and then do the questions. We evaluate what you want to achieve and help you define the site's objectives and organization. We help you determine the pages for the site, how they should be organized, and what content goes where. After the site structure and content planning is complete the content for the site is gathered and written.


The visual design of the website is the fusion of the research that has taken place. The overall look and feel of the site expresses your brand and matches your other marketing work. We make sure to complement the layout and make sure it is useful and usable for your visitors. Your style guidance and logo usage guidelines and any other design margins are considered to make sure the design meets with your approval.


The site is developed using the approved site structure, visual design, textual content and images for each page. Due to all the planning, the development of the website is a straightforward process. We make sure that all pages make sense. The quality assurance testing is done before you receive the site for review to minimize the time you will need to review our work.


With the site approved there are still a few things that need to be done. Final checks are made to make sure the site works on different browsers. Final review of any workflow processes or any other functionality. When everything is complete the site is installed on the company's servers and your website goes live on the Internet.