Copywriting techniques that can boost your business

Web Design Sunday, 15 January, 2017

If you’re running an online business you are most probably aware of the growing need for quality content that can attract new visitors and convert them into leads and returning customers. Continuously producing top-notch copy and using useful copywriting tips and techniques requires tremendous effort, dedication, and resources, but the investment is certainly worthwhile.

Here are some digital copywriting  tips that could help boost your online business!

Do more research

To produce quality copy that sells, first you need to make sure you understand your target customer and that you use the words he wants to hear in your copy. Study your target market’s language by visiting Facebook groups, relevant forums, read reviews and blog comments. Note the words and phrases often used by your audience and use these magic phrases to produce attractive content that has higher chances to convert simple readers into buyers.

Set your readers free

Making repeated requests for your readers to stay on the page and continue to read and/or make a purchase may cause the exact opposite reaction that you are after. Your readers might quickly quit the page and give up buying your product/service. People love to have the power to choose. Therefore, make sure you include in your copy words like: “It’s always free to cancel your booking”…

 Involve the reader imagination

Most copy is incredibly boring unless it involves the readers and makes them use their imagination. So, instead of just listing the characteristics and main benefits of your products/services, why not ask the reader to imagine how they could change their lives for the better with your product! 

Focus on specific advantages

Most entrepreneurs think they are better than their competitors but often fail to present their products in a convincing way. When talking about what sets you apart from your competition, focus on specific benefits that could help customers solve their problems, particularly those that your competition does not address.

Don’t be afraid to be funny

People will be naturally attracted by funny ideas and humorous stories. So, make sure your tone of voice is cheerful and your stories entertaining. Charm your targeted public and you’ll soon see results.

Repeat important messages

A good copywriter is a good psychologist. Based on the fact that the concepts that are heard over and over again are perceived by the human brain as being true, it is good to repeat within your copy the ideas you most want your audience to believe and remember.

Be original

To create fresh, original copy that helps you achieve your marketing goals, free yourself from copywriting formulas. That doesn’t mean you can’t have your personal style, easily recognizable by your audience, but you should always make an effort to find new ways of addressing the reader. A good way to do this is to talk to your prospects as if you were standing next to them.

Use testimonials

Is there anything better than letting your happy customers do the selling? High-quality testimonials can support and even replace content sometimes. Use them wisely to convey a powerful message about your brand. Summarize long testimonials by using explanatory mini-headlines.  After all, who could convince customers better than another extremely happy customer?

Writing good copy has never been an easy task. Whether you choose to handle the copywriting task yourself or you hire a professional/an editorial team to do it, make sure the message is tailored to your audience.