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Today having a web site online is not enough!

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted in internet marketting, seo, web design | Posted on 11-08-2009

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Many companies, as part of their marketing strategy, have their own website published online. However, just having a website published online is not enough to strengthen a company’s image and successfully promote their services and products. There are many factors which contribute to having a successful online presence. In this article we will only scratch the surface of the most important factors.

Searching for something on the internet through various search engines can at time prove a nightmare. A website will offer little help if it cannot be found easily through the major search engines. Having your website optimized for the kind of phrases that people use in order to find your type of business or products will do miracles for your company. Simply put, search engine optimization informs the search engines of which searches you want to be found for, and allows potential customers to find you easily.
However, in many cases, even if you locate a website you were looking for, you may find yourself lost in its pages, wondering exactly what they are about or what information they cover. These are signs of bad structure and lack of usability. It is very important to have a clear, comprehensive structure, allowing visitors to your website to navigate it easily. This can be done by letting them know where they are at all times, and allowing them to go back and forth from various pages without difficulty. Making it straightforward and quick for visitors to find what they are looking for, will keep them on your website.

Once a website that has been searched for is found and it has been made clear which products or services the company has to offer, visitors may not be impressed and they will resort to looking at a competitors website. A large number of websites are designed and developed by amateurs. A company’s image can either be strengthened or weakened by its website. Having a badly designed website may damage a company’s image; however, having a professional looking, well designed website will instil confidence in the company’s expertise and encourage customers to choose them for their products and services.

A professionally designed website is critical for success in the modern business world. Is your company’s website found through search engines? Is it clear and user-friendly for your visitors? Is it improving you company’s image?

Paris Paraskeva, Managing Director, United Worx Ltd