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Digital vs. Physical Product: Which One is the Best to Promote?

Which kind of product should be promoted on your website: digital or physical product? This is the question that most internet marketers will ask. Is it more profitable to promote digital product than physical product? Or is it more profitable to promote physical product than digital product? Find out...

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Features of the New iPad, 3rd gen., Apple’s Best Selling Device Yet

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted in iPad | Posted on 21-03-2012

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The iPad 3 was released Friday 16th Match 2012 in retail outlets, and in the first three days that have passed since the release there have been 3 million units sold. The iPad 3 comes with a nice suite of improvements over its predecessor, but there have been a few complaints about the device from users as well. We’ll go over a few things that are pertinent to the iPad 3.