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3 Reasons Switching to Outsourced IT is a Smart Choice

Picture the scene: You are a busy agency, with many clients and lots of IT requirements. Then all of a sudden in your IT team you have some illnesses, someone quits and you have to let someone go…suddenly within a day or two you are left with a major gap in your IT resources. Just then a potentially...

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Questions to evaluate a proper SEO Company

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted in seo | Posted on 11-06-2010

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seo_guaranteedSearch engine optimization is an industry that is very ubiquitous. One way to deal with SEO is to just stay away and make room for others!. Another way to deal with it is to ask questions that will make a fake SEO run.

We do run a company dealing with search engine optimization  in Cyprus and unfortunately most companies might go for a scammer instead of a proper company simply because they don’t know how to judge a proper SEO company.

These questions will help you tell if you are dealing with a proper SEO company or a scammer which only want your money.

Is it best to use your Branding or Keywords in your domain name?

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted in seo, Uncategorized | Posted on 03-09-2009

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iStock_000010000124XSmallMost clients that have contacted us in the past with high interest in search engine optimization in Cyprus got the whole thing wrong concerning the power of the domain name of a website. People tend to think that registering 3-4 different domain names that contain keywords relevant to your business will do miracles for you in term of search engine optimization. Unfortunately this is extremely wrong, might hurt you all right but its not going to help much!
It will surely help you gain rankings for a specific keyword phrase if its in your doimain name is in the EXACT same order but thats as far as it goes. it will not give you ANY benefit for other keyword unless some serious on-site and off-site optimization takes place on your site. Having your company name or your brand name in you domain thought will make it easy for you customers to remember and referred customers to spot you as well. Don’t think a customer will remember a domain that is called rentvillaluxuryholidaycyprus.com even if they find you the domain wont make it easy for them to remember, however if it was YiotisCyprusVillas.com they would definitely remember your name/branding and spot you easily!