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How to Know if You’re A Twitter Addict

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted in Social Networking, twitter | Posted on 06-03-2012

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Social media has become an epidemic. Every day, more and more people are joining a social network and using them for varying reasons. Bored? Go on Twitter. Want to know what your friends are doing? Go on Twitter. Have news to share? Go on Twitter. Want to know what’s going on in the world? Go on Twitter.

Many of us have become devoted to Twitter, and some of us need to take good hard look at ourselves and see if we need a Twitter intervention. Below are some clues to learn if you are a tweeting machine.

1. Morning Rush
Everyone has a morning routine. Once that alarm goes off, some people stretch, some people reach for their glasses and others check their email. You? You are on Twitter before both eyes are even fully opened.

2. Schedules
From the minute you wake up to the minute you fall asleep, everything you do is posted on Twitter. Your followers know when you shower, where you are going to eat for lunch, what time you are getting your hair done and how you really feel about your blind date. You post more tweets in one day than most users post in a year.

3. Opinions
Just like your minute-by-minute schedule, your followers know exactly how you feel about EVERYTHING. From celebrity gossip to the color blue, you have something to say about everything, and you do, in fact, tweet about everything.

4. Socializing
You have conversations via Twitter with people who are sitting directly in front of you. Who needs small talk when you have 140 characters to fill?

5. Hashtag Frenzy
As a Twitter devotee, you know the importance of using hashtags in your tweets. When you’re addicted to Twitter, you notice that you start using hashtags in regular written conversations.

6. 140 Character Limit
If you start limiting all of your conversations—phone, email, text—to 140 characters, you are on Twitter overload.

7. Save the Best for Twitter
You keep all of your best thoughts and/or stories in your head until you can post them on Twitter. This also includes sharing personal information. Why call mom to tell her you are getting married when you can tell everyone via Twitter?

8. Customer Service
Most companies are realizing that a great way to reach their customers and improve their customer service is by having a Twitter account. If you’re addicted to Twitter, you contact a company via Twitter for information or to make a complaint rather than call them on the phone or contact them via email.

If one or (gasp!) all of these sound a little too familiar, you may want to take a break from your Twitter account. People do not need to know where you are or what you are thinking all the time. Not everything you do or say is as important as you think it is.

Take a break from Twitter and try to find a new hobby. You may enjoy living a life that is not constantly in the public eye.


Stella Brown is definitely not a #Twitter #Addict.  She does however have a #compulsion with #English #Grammar.  Even her #tweets are validated with the web’s premier grammar checker. Her other favorite pastime is Google+.