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How to Build and Maintain a Blog Following

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted in internet marketting | Posted on 07-03-2012

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Unfortunately you tend to hear more about blog failures than blog successes. So many webmasters recognise the powerful potential of blogging but the majority fail to execute the correct strategy and end up abandoning their blog due to a lack of traffic and thus motivation. It is the failure to attain and then maintain a decent following that underpins the reason why so many blogs are abandoned every year. After all without regular traffic a blog becomes relatively worthless – offering only a small amount of SEO potential.

Four Poster Blog

Before I help you get your blog out of the gutter and into the realms of success it is important to point out that if you are not active and consistent with your blog then it will never have a chance. Even the best writers cannot maintain a successful blog following through the creation bi-monthly blog posts. A successful blog requires at least four posts a month so don’t bother reading anything below if you are not required to accept this fact.

Method Man

There is not just one way to attain and maintain a blog following but I only know one way – and that’s the methods I used to build my blog. The simple rules that I followed can be found below:

Limit your target audience – It is much easier to build a following when you target your posts to a smaller group of readers. Although this may put a cap on the maximum amount of traffic that you’ll attain it will greatly increase the chance of your satisfied readers coming back for more. There are thousands upon thousands of blogs on the internet today and you’ll have a hard time standing out if you try and please everyone.

Ruffle some feathers – Controversy can make or break a blog but considering your traffic count is nearer to 0 there is no harm in speaking your mind. Do not be afraid to give your honest opinion or expose a certain fact in your posts if it will garner attention. Whether you’re sharing your own views or exposing the naughtiness of others, when you can make a reader go ‘I don’t believe it’ the odds that they will share your work are high.

Network until you can’t network anymore – Building your own blog following is hard – why not just share someone else’s? By befriending other industry bloggers you’ll be able to get your work seen by the right kind of audience. There are so many things you can do to get your blog launched into your industry community but here are some ideas to help get you started: write guest posts, receive guest posts, review other people’s blogs, mention other people’s blogs etc.

Share until you can’t share anymore – Take advantage of Twitter and Facebook. Once you have a following these systems will give you an invaluable platform to advertise your blog and communicate with your consumers. To kick start your blogs social rise you could create a blog offering special discounts and then mention the blog on Twitter. Utilise your own creativity here because the possibilities really are endless.

Stride for originality – This is easier said than done. Creating unique and engaging content is a struggle that all copywriters face when they put their hands to the keyboard but when they manage to pull it off they always know that their extra efforts were worth it. Anything written from a different angle has the chance of being referred to. Anything inspiring and surprising has the chance of going viral.

Inject some personality – Where relevant do not hesitate to add interesting or funny aspects from your home life into your blog. Many of the blogs I read on a regular basis are those written in this type of personal style. I like to keep up-to-date with them because I have come to care for the writer. Over a series of a year it’s surprising just how much you can learn about a writer from the odd sentence or comment in a post.

As I said at the beginning the most important thing of all is to stick at it. Maintaining an active blog is not an easy task but the endless list of benefits a blog can offer make the hard work worth it.

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