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How Much Work Will There Be for Online Marketers in 2012?

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted in internet marketting | Posted on 27-02-2012

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Many individuals all over the globe are apprehensive about what 2012 will have to offer in terms of economics and unemployment. If most analysts are to believed, much of the world will suffer from economic difficulties this year, and the job outlook is dire. Incredibly widespread unemployment is expected in many nations. This pessimism is pretty wide spread, but not countries are expected to be plagued with economic woe this year. In turn, not all industries are expected to suffer so greatly either. It appears that this year will be interesting for those in the field of online marketing. Due to the nature of the industry and its very global reach, it seems that 2012 may be a year of great growth in this field. This will lead to much opportunity for those in this field. While this view is based on the opinions of analysts and experts in many fields (and not all experts and analysts share this opinion), the following are just some things that can be expected for online marketers looking for work in 2012.

More opportunity particularly for freelancers

All over the globe, freelance online marketers will find themselves with more opportunities for work than ever before. Small to medium businesses are starting to realize that an online presence and internet marketing are greatly vital to their business’ survival and profit. These small and medium firms don’t have the talent for these marketing efforts, and they probably don’t have the budget to bring on someone new. This will lead to more online marketers getting jobs outsourced to them in 2012.

Greater employment opportunities

Marketing firms are putting more value into their online advertising and marketing efforts. These companies are shifting their marketing budgets to throw even more money into their online marketing, meaning that they are spending less on traditional marketing like television, radio and print. As these online marketing efforts are ramped up, these firms will want to bring on folks that are more familiar with online marketing. This means that those who only know traditional marketing could find themselves out of work, and internet marketing specialists will be filling the new jobs that are created.

More competition may ensue

As it will be a time of economic difficulty for many, firms will be trying to get more for their money, and this may mean that they are paying less. They will be able to get away with this because of the great number of freelance online marketers available to outsource to. If those who in search of regular employment in this field want a job, he or she may have to settle for a lower rate to compete with freelancers. Additionally, many more people will start to get into this field. Already, many who are well versed in traditional marketing have been training to develop their online marketing abilities. So while even more jobs in this field are opening up, there will be more people competing for them. The result could well be that only the best marketers willing to work for lower rates will have success getting these new roles.

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