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How to Write an eBay Item Description That Will Sell

Online auction sites are a great place to go to look for bargains, and eBay is the king of them all.  The site’s popularity has made it a brilliant place for buyers, and there are hundreds of thousands of jiffy bags full of eBay-ed items shipped around the country at any time. But it can be a...

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Does your website need a redesign?

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted in facebook, internet marketting, seo, Social Networking, twitter, web design | Posted on 01-11-2009



website redesign in CyprusIf Your website is no longer ‘doing anything’ for you or your business then it certainly does need a re-design!!! At the end of the day, your website is supposed to be your business’ leading edge! A corporate website or an online store which is available 24/7 365 days a year for your customers to read or order your services and products! If your website is no longer performing as you expect then maybe you need to look at the reasons why this is happening. If it turns out your website is just suffering from the left-behind syndrome then perhaps a redesign is what it needs to revive it

Here is a few things that might help if your website needs a redesign!

  • Is your website professional looking , fresh and clean?
  • How fast a user can understand what it is you are doing or selling?
  • Is your website easily up-datable with no technical knowledge?
  • Are you attracting customers with your existing website design?
  • Is your website has easy to navigate or you can easily get lost?
  • Is your website compatible with both older and newer browsers?
  • Do you have any Search Engine Friendly Content Management System?
  • Is your website is getting good rankings for your target key phrases?
  • How easily can potential or existing clients find your website?
  • Does your website connect to social networks like Facebook and twitter?
  • Is your website load time is satisfactory for your first time visitors?
  • Is your website bounce rate is high?
  • How easy it is for users to meet their goals using your site.

Hopefully you have picked up a thing or two here today and you can take it forward with you for when you do decide for a new web design for your website.