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Deciding on the Look of Your Website

Posted by Guest Post | Posted in Uncategorized, web design | Posted on 22-03-2012


When you decide to make a website, often the first thing you will consider is the topic. Your line of thought will often go ‘wouldn’t it be good to have a website about…’ and from there you then begin the project.

This means that often you haven’t considered what you want your website to look like at this point, which can make it difficult to get started. How do you go about building your website for the first time and deciding what you want it to look like? Even if you use web designers it will be better if you can give them a rough idea of what you want the site to look like, and that way you are more likely to end up with a successful site that you can also feel proud of. Here we will look at some ways to start visualizing your site before anything has been set in stone.

Look at the Competition

This is a very good place to start. Whatever your niche, it’s likely that you aren’t going to be the first person to ever make a website on that subject. There will be sites already out there attempting what you are doing, so look them up and see how they have designed their pages. You might decide to go in the opposite direction in order to differentiate yourself, but there will normally be things you can learn from and it’s always important to at least be aware of the competition to avoid accidentally imitating them or making any faux pas…

Do Your Research

You might have an idea of what you want your website to look like that you’re completely set on and that you know you’ll love. However what you need to remember is that a website in most cases is not for you. Rather you design your website for other people who you hope will become regular visitors, and who you hope will become customers. You need then to come up with something that is going to be liked by the majority of people and especially by those people who fit your target audience. Don’t just decide on the color of your background and the style of font you use then, but rather ask around and see what gets the best response.


While you might not be designing the site yourself, it still pays to have a go and to play around in paint and on a pad of paper. By trying out different things you can learn what the site actually looks like on paper and what direction you want to take it in. Otherwise it’s all just theoretical and it might seem very different when you actually see it.


It also pays to read around and do research and to find out what works and why. Doing your own assessment of the competition and the market is good, but don’t forget that other people have done that before you and have taken the time to document what works. Find a source you trust and this can be a great place to get ideas.

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