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How To Choose A Great SEO Agency

Choosing a SEO agency to help you get your website promoted is not the same as finding a company to design your website, which is a lot simpler. It now becomes more complicated. For this kind of project you really have to shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal as well as value for money.

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6 Expert Tips for Conquering Video Blogging on YouTube

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If you keep a blog, you may want to think of extending that blog onto YouTube. That’s right. You can take your creative flair and your great ideas and you can dress them up for the video screen and submit them to everyone’s favorite video sharing network. YouTube and video blogging go hand in hand. With millions of viewers daily, you have an opportunity to make quite an impact. But with millions of videos to choose from, you are going to have to come out of the gate full-force if you hope to make an impact. Are you up for the challenge? Here are 6 tips for conquering video blogging on YouTube.

5 Tips for Designing Your Own iPhone App

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One of the most popular features of today’s smart phones is that they are compatible with a seemingly endless number of apps. Whatever you want to accomplish with your iPhone – whether it be monitoring your heart rate or balancing your budget – you can bet that “there’s an app for that.” For that reason, it seems that there is a new breed of computer programming designer springing up in order to meet this growing need for new and original apps. You don’t have to have years of college to create apps, either. You just have to be willing to do some studying and put some effort into getting it right. If you have a great idea for an app, here are five tips for designing your own iPhone app:

Market Your Business Efficiently With Online Advertising

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If you are looking to improve your advertising campaign, you should make the jump to the internet to reach the growing number of people that are turning away from print and television ads, and spending an increasing amount of time online for more of their everyday and extracurricular needs. In the next couple of years, that number will gradually increase, and soon, the internet will be the main source of advertising income for businesses everywhere.

If you get a jump on the market before things start to get even more competitive, you will learn a lot of valuable and insightful information that will help you usher your campaign into the future with a better understanding of how the industry works, while some of your competitors are still left behind.

How Your Business Can Best Use Google+

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Though Google+ is relatively new on the social media scene, it is a powerful tool for businesses.  Your business can now create a page on Google+ to start reaping the advantages that this growing social media outlet has to offer.

Late last year, Google+ became available through Google Apps, increasing the ease of using the social network for businesses already operating on the Google Apps platform.  Through the Google+ network, you can easily promote your business, share information, and track the progress of your efforts.  Additionally, Google+ stands out from other social networks because it allows you to collaborate and communicate with customers better than ever before.


Reasons why businesses should be using Cloud Storage.

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dropbox-for-businessesDropbox is an incredibly useful application for synchronizing files between computers, or keeping a backup copy of your most important files in the cloud.  Dropbox is great for helping businesses keep their files as mobile as they are. You won’t have to remember to bring along a USB stick ever again.

Is it best to use your Branding or Keywords in your domain name?

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iStock_000010000124XSmallMost clients that have contacted us in the past with high interest in search engine optimization in Cyprus got the whole thing wrong concerning the power of the domain name of a website. People tend to think that registering 3-4 different domain names that contain keywords relevant to your business will do miracles for you in term of search engine optimization. Unfortunately this is extremely wrong, might hurt you all right but its not going to help much!
It will surely help you gain rankings for a specific keyword phrase if its in your doimain name is in the EXACT same order but thats as far as it goes. it will not give you ANY benefit for other keyword unless some serious on-site and off-site optimization takes place on your site. Having your company name or your brand name in you domain thought will make it easy for you customers to remember and referred customers to spot you as well. Don’t think a customer will remember a domain that is called rentvillaluxuryholidaycyprus.com even if they find you the domain wont make it easy for them to remember, however if it was YiotisCyprusVillas.com they would definitely remember your name/branding and spot you easily!

Google Spam Filters

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Online users use Google for research purposes. Google provides information related to a search query entered by the online user. As much as possible, Google wants to provide its users with quality content alone. Because of this, it filters low quality and spammy websites.

Google has come up with various spam filters to get rid of websites that aim to spam its ranking algorithm.

What are the Google Spam Filters?

Simplicity vs Innovation

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A site should be innovative in design and content, but, when it comes to usability, a slightly conservative mindset is the best option.

Your visitors are used to particular ways of navigating sites and entering data in forms. If you keep it simple by sticking to those well-known ways, you’re reasonably certain that most of your users will understand how your site works.

Good Navigation – A Must in Web Design

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Creating good web site navigation is the most important task a web designer has to accomplish in the web design process. Web site navigation is the pathway people take to navigate through sites. It must be well constructed, easy to use and intuitive. Poor navigation does not help users and often, your site can prove to be less accessible than others.