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Beyond LinkedIn – Using Social Media to Find a Job

When people think of using social media to find a job, they typically think of LinkedIn, as it’s a social network designed for the professional community. While LinkedIn is a great tool to use to job hunt, it’s not the only social networking site that can be utilized. Effective job hunting...

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6 Expert Tips for Conquering Video Blogging on YouTube

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 22-03-2012

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If you keep a blog, you may want to think of extending that blog onto YouTube. That’s right. You can take your creative flair and your great ideas and you can dress them up for the video screen and submit them to everyone’s favorite video sharing network. YouTube and video blogging go hand in hand. With millions of viewers daily, you have an opportunity to make quite an impact. But with millions of videos to choose from, you are going to have to come out of the gate full-force if you hope to make an impact. Are you up for the challenge? Here are 6 tips for conquering video blogging on YouTube.

  1. Pick Interesting Topics: Just like the written blog, video blogging relies on catchy titles and engaging content. Are your viewers going to be interested enough to click on your video to watch it? More importantly, are you going to be able to keep them interested enough to stick around to the end? If you can come up with content that keeps your viewers on the edge of their seat, you’ll have yourself a winning video blog.
  2. Watch Your Competition: Find others in your video blogging niche and see what they’re talking about. Get to know their content and try to better it each time. Then, change your angle so that it’s completely unique. It’s easy to surpass your competitors when you already know what’s up their sleeve.
  3. Keep Updating: Your viewers are going to quickly forget about your video blogging if you don’t keep up with it. Aim for regular updates so that your viewers always have something to look forward to.
  4. Don’t Just Rely On A YouTube Audience: YouTube is a huge search engine but you don’t only have to rely on their traffic. Once you’ve finished publishing your video blog, share it on Facebook and on Twitter. If you have subscribers, send out a newsletter announcing your recent addition. Really get your video blog out there and you’ll soon have a loyal following who always wants more.
  5. Get Your Audience Involved:  After every video, ask your audience what they think about the subject you’re video blogging about. That is a good way to get the comments flowing. Then, talk to your audience in the comments section. Let them know that you are easily accessible and they will begin to feel closer and more familiar with you. You could even mention their comments in your videos to make them feel special. These are more ways to gain a loyal following.
  6. Have Fun With It: Your audience is going to be able to tell when you’re bored with what you’re doing. So have fun with it. Get creative. Alternate between videos that show your face to videos that show various animations and graphics. There are free resources online that will help you make your video blogging efforts look more professional. Get into it and you’ll soon have a video blog that demands attention.

With these six video blogging tips and access to YouTube’s millions of regular viewers, you should be able to make a dent in the video blogging crowd as long as you are unique, you put all your effort into your efforts and you have the absolute most fun with it. This is your video blog. Have a blast!

Julie Gardner has been video blogging on YouTube for several years now. You can see her latest video blogs by visiting [Video Blogging on You Tube].

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