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Top 5 Most Sold Smart Phones

If you are a fan of the new technologies and latest innovations in the sphere of smart phones, then maybe you will be interested in finding which are the most wanted phones with millions of sales. iPhone 4 IPhone 4 has the first place – this phone, which was both announced and released in June 2010,...

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A Look At Web Design Across The Ages

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted on 23-02-2013


quality web design in CyprusThere are lots of different aspects of web design currently being adopted by professionals in the field and each demands its own rules and skillsets. Aside from producing unique and exciting website designs, people who choose to work with the web can also decide to specialise in the coding and development side of things, or can choose to establish themselves as a graphic designer, interface designer, or even an SEO specialist or a web copywriter.

So how come there are so many opportunities for web specialists when the industry itself is still relatively young? Well, put simply, times have moved (and continue to move) quickly. For those who are uninitiated with the development of the net, we briefly explore the rich and diverse history of the web and take a look at how far the internet has evolved in just a couple of short decades.

How To: Make A List Of Your Bad Links To Disavow To Google

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted on 23-02-2013


google1Links have always paid a vital role in SEO. After Google rolled out its Penguin updates, site owners with shady or low quality backlinks profile were badly hit. Soon after this update was released, many SEO companies started to offer ‘link removal’ services. Those who received unnatural links warnings began to remove bad links pointing back to their domain. But they felt helpless as they couldn’t remove those low quality links over which they had little or no control.

That’s exactly why Google came up with the ‘disavow links’ tool.

Though you may feel quite happy with the announcement, Google ‘disavow links’ tool must be used with plenty of care. Matt Cutts (web spam team head at Google) himself warned that webmasters should use this new tool with caution.

How To Make Your Twitter Marketing Efforts More Effective

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted on 23-02-2013


twitter_chubb-100012107-largeTwitter is a highly effective and popular social media tool to market your brand and generate a good number of leads. Despite the growing popularity of Pinterest and Google+, Twitter remains a platform that a lot of marketing can be done with impressive results. Here are four useful ideas on how to make your Twitter marketing efforts more effective.

Build Relationships
Many marketers just keep tweeting promotional material, or are all about sharing insightful blog posts they come across. While this is not wrong, you can only find real value on Twitter when you interact directly with people.

Innovative Website Ideas

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted on 23-02-2013


internet-marketing-strategy-traffic11Websites are the face of any business these days, even if you are not managing an e-commerce website, people tend to look up on different products and services online before deciding on their purchases and so the websites are really important for the business, to attract more customers and stay popular. The latest trends in website designing is to use live actors to create short messages about the information available in the website, this transforms a normal website into a lively talking website. This way you are sure to get the attention of your customers, who would any day prefer to listen than read through all the information contained in the web pages.

The Perfect Solution For Cost-Effective Email Delivery

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted on 18-02-2013


email-marketingCheap SMTP Relay Service

For many entrepreneurs, creating and maintaining an in-house email infrastructure seems to be the logical business-wise option. Email, after all, is still the best way to communicate to subscribers or customers. However, the downside to this option is that it can be very costly and resource intensive.

Now, every dollar that goes to managing an email list is a dollar well spent. But it also makes perfect business sense to find cost-effective and simplified measures to get the task done. Fortunately, using a cheap SMTP relay service that can manage email delivery eliminates the complexity and high cost of managing an email infrastructure. It can also free up a substantial amount of time that’s best spent on the core aspects of the business.


7 Tips For Running A Successful Facebook Campaign

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted on 18-02-2013


50502_102849331815_4985514_nAlmost every business, large or small nowadays has an advertising campaign on Facebook. But the question is, “Is every one of those campaigns successful?” Consider this, if every business is advertising on Facebook, then what are the chances that your campaign will yield great results? Well, the following steps can help you build a successful campaign:

Using STMP Email Servers To Raise The Percentage Of Emails Delivered

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted on 12-02-2013


STMP Email Servers

SMTP email servers work with a business to help get important emails into the inboxes of email recipients. SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol, and it is the main standard in which emails are transmitted over an IP network for delivery. By using a SMTP server, a business will be able to know that their outgoing emails will be delivered successfully. This will allow for peace of mind when sending out emails to thousands of recipients.

3 Simple And Effective Ways To Increase Email Deliverability For App Developers

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted on 12-02-2013


email-listEmail Deliverability for App Developers

The sad truth is, your recipients won’t always open and read your email. Based on a report by ReturnPath, an email intelligence company, the business-to-consumer email deliverability rate plunged sharply during the second half of 2011. Only about 70% of emails were delivered straight to a recipient’s inbox. About 8% went to the spam and junk folders, while 15% was blocked by ISP-level filtering.

A Primer On The Benefits Of Dedicated Email Delivery Service

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted on 12-02-2013


email-marketingEmail Delivery Service

In this day and age, the vast majority of communication done between friends, family, corporations, and even governments is conducted through email. But while regular personal email accounts are fine for everyday use between friends and family, corporations and other large organizations need much more powerful systems that can do more than just send and receive emails. While many will opt to construct their own email delivery systems or use free open-source alternatives, there are many benefits of going with a company that specializes in providing comprehensive email solutions. If you are in the process of choosing an email solution for your website, or are thinking about switching to a dedicated provider, the following are a few summarized benefits that might assist you in your decision.

How To Build A Strong Email Marketing List

Posted by Paris Paraskeva | Posted on 12-02-2013


email-listWith the cyclonic rise of junk email in the past years, email marketing can sometimes be seen as a bit of a taboo in the office, but the truth is that if it’s done well then it’s still one of the most powerful tools in the marketer’s arsenal.

Think of it like this; no matter how wonderful your website is, it can only possibly be selling to potential customers when they visit it and if they don’t see anything they like then there’s no guarantee they’ll ever come back – it’s an all or nothing sales technique.